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Finally! I’ve found some photos on a before-and-after place. This one’s really nice. The exteriorbefore was a bit torn-up and inside was really outdated. But after some polishing up and refurbishment the place has never looked this good! Alright, so without further intro see more the before-and-after photos below! (Btw, the first photo is the porch from the after photos..)



See what I mean? The house looks really beautiful after the remodel. And the porch is just picture perfect.


Here’s the kitchen after photo. The cabinets are all spruced up and the brick design with lighting by the burner is a nice touch. The open shelves are well appointed!


111022i 111022j

Leaving the bathroom all white in color is a very good idea. I love the long sink with the little storage space at the back. Also look at the bathroom curtains! It’s jazzed up a little with silvery circle decor. Nice!




111022n 111022p

The living, dining and kitchen combo really looks nice in here. Don’t you agree? The light brown wood laminate floor looks gorgeous and brings out all the elements and free-flow of the home!


[via uglyhousephotos]


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