Be delighted with these breezy paintings created by Vietnamese Phan Thu Trang. Her works may look simple yet truly charming as the artist conveys the beautiful memories of the places that she has visited. Her paintings mainly focus on women going to the market from early dawn, farmers hastening to cycle on the village roads, peaceful afternoons or hot summer days.  The artist prefers the use of texture to define her subjects while smooth areas of bright monotone paint together with the lush, painterly impasto are used to define tree leaves.

RefreshinglyVibrantLandscapePaintingsbyPhanThuTrang2 RefreshinglyVibrantLandscapePaintingsbyPhanThuTrang3 RefreshinglyVibrantLandscapePaintingsbyPhanThuTrang4 RefreshinglyVibrantLandscapePaintingsbyPhanThuTrang5 RefreshinglyVibrantLandscapePaintingsbyPhanThuTrang6 RefreshinglyVibrantLandscapePaintingsbyPhanThuTrang7 RefreshinglyVibrantLandscapePaintingsbyPhanThuTrang8 RefreshinglyVibrantLandscapePaintingsbyPhanThuTrang9


[via topdesignmag]


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