If by any chance you get to visit Switzerland, you would certainly be amused with this unique installation composed of illuminating plastic bags dubbed as Plastic Garbage Guarding the Museumand is meant to raise awareness on plastic bag consumption. The team behind it is Luzinterruptus, an art group that carries out urban interventions in public spaces basically using light as raw material and the night as a canvas. This installation is part of the Oh, Plastiksack exhibition at the Gewerbemuseum of Winthertur which focuses on the plastic bag as an everyday item and how it can be explored through art and design.

What’s more interesting with this project is it encourages people to bring their disposable plastic bags in exchange for tickets to visit the museum’s other fascinating exhibitions. As a result, more than 5,000 bags were collected and were consequently used to create this magnificent and radiating installation. You can read and view more of how Luzinterruptus did it here. And by the way, you still have time to check out the exhibition until October 7. Cheers to that!

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[via ignant]


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