contemporary house design

Seattle based studio MW Works designed the Push Pull Residence.

This 4,090 sq ft project is simple and elegant contemporary residence located on a tight, narrow urban lot in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.

PushPullResidencebyMWWorks2 PushPullResidencebyMWWorks3 PushPullResidencebyMWWorks4 PushPullResidencebyMWWorks5 PushPullResidencebyMWWorks6 PushPullResidencebyMWWorks7 PushPullResidencebyMWWorks8

Push + Pull Residence by MW Works:

This project explores the potential for a modern infill project that is both lively and responsible. The long face, just three feet from the property line, opens up to natural light but maintains privacy while the ends of the house open up to small private landscapes. The house was designed to easily integrate a solar hot water system, photovoltaics and a green roof. During demolition of the previous home, framing was salvaged and milled into Douglas Fir siding by the architect, revealing an on-site history through aged, black nail holes and wood patina. A rigorous plan, reserved detail, and a palette of rough materials and clean lines combine to create an adventurous yet highly livable home on a modest budget. 


Photos by Tim Bies, MW Works


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