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Here’s one for the “green-minded”. Say how you feel with this Postcardens! It’s a postcard and a garden. Available at uncommongoods.

Leagues beyond just-add-water trinkets (dinosaur sponges, anyone?), this vegetable ink-based greeting card sends sentiments – with seeds. Just pop open your card, water the base, and sprinkle its packet over the diorama. In just a few days, you’ll have unruly sprouts of “Lepidium sativum” (that’s watercress) furling through the paper arches of your mini botanical garden.

Perfect for sunny desks and window sills, this edible crop brings surfaces (and salads!) to life. So you can have your card – and eat it too. U.S. postage required: $1.30. Made in Wales.

Click here to view a video of a Postcarden in action.


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