What better way to advertise a product than to display it playfully right straight to its clients? German company Faber-Castell known for its pencils, pens and other products for artists commissioned the German advertising agency Serviceplan. The agency then came up with an eye-catching campaign to showcase how close Faber-Castell pencil crayon colours come to the real item with a running slogan dubbed as True Colours.

PlayfulTrueColoursAdvertisingCampaignbyFaberCastell2 PlayfulTrueColoursAdvertisingCampaignbyFaberCastell3 PlayfulTrueColoursAdvertisingCampaignbyFaberCastell4 PlayfulTrueColoursAdvertisingCampaignbyFaberCastell5 PlayfulTrueColoursAdvertisingCampaignbyFaberCastell6 PlayfulTrueColoursAdvertisingCampaignbyFaberCastell7

[via beautifullife]


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