These photos are absolutely fantastic and you would not easily believe that these are actually pictures. For your precious information, these are not paintings. Unbelievable, huh?!? Yes, they are truly photos taken by Canadian photographer Matt Molloy. And how does he do it? The artist stacks hundreds of shots taken from a time lapse video while the smeared effect results from the layering. Brilliant!

PicturesquePaintLikeImagesbyMattMolloy2 PicturesquePaintLikeImagesbyMattMolloy3 PicturesquePaintLikeImagesbyMattMolloy4 PicturesquePaintLikeImagesbyMattMolloy5 PicturesquePaintLikeImagesbyMattMolloy6 PicturesquePaintLikeImagesbyMattMolloy7 PicturesquePaintLikeImagesbyMattMolloy8

[via honestlywtf]


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