Which is which? I must confess that I have this bad habit of browsing through the images first before reading an article. Yes, I read the title and the words toy miniatures got stuck in my head. And while I was viewing the pictures I was totally deceived and actually thought that these were toy miniatures. I must also admit that there were times when I would say that, “Hey, this one’s not a miniature, this is a photo!” So I browsed back and forth to find out which is which. Then finally, to get things straight and avoid further confusion I decided to read the whole article. Voila! I found out that these are real photographs of real people! Ehem. The moral of the story? Read first before you comment. Ha-ha!Anyways, I hope you’d get to enjoy them as I much as I did.


These pictures were taken during the London 2012 Olympics. The photographers used variable planed lenses and captured the images in a very unusual way.

photographsortoyminiatures3 photographsortoyminiatures4 photographsortoyminiatures5 photographsortoyminiatures6 photographsortoyminiatures7 photographsortoyminiatures8 photographsortoyminiatures9 photographsortoyminiatures10 photographsortoyminiatures11 photographsortoyminiatures12 photographsortoyminiatures13 photographsortoyminiatures14

By the way, I also thought that the artist behind this ingenuity must have an overflowing stock of patience because he really took the time to assemble the scenes of the London 2012 Olympics. He must be a true genius since he had a totally awesome vision of the different competitions. Oh well, enough with my floating imagination and ehem foolishness. Though this is not something I should brag about, I hope that this is worth sharing. Remember, I was able to impart a great lesson. Read before you comment. Did you?

photographsortoyminiatures15 photographsortoyminiatures16


[via dailymail]


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