Yes, that’s a tip of a pencil.  The artist behind this doesn’t work on pencil tip sculpture for money, he just wants to share his artistry to the world. Meet Dalton Ghetti. He patiently creates each artwork using razor blades, sewing needles and a sculpting knife, and refuses to use a magnifying lens. He works on sculpture for at least 2 years each. Each! This man defines patience.

pencil sculpture dalton-ghetti-amazing-pencil-art-5_9Aavk_11446 dalton-ghetti-amazing-pencil-art-6_r5D6D_11446 dalton-ghetti-amazing-pencil-art-7_o28jL_11446 dalton-ghetti-amazing-pencil-art-8_oMXg4_11446 dalton-ghetti-amazing-pencil-art-9_QW2MZ_11446 dalton-ghetti-amazing-pencil-art-10_JvyF9_11446 dalton-ghetti-amazing-pencil-art-11_6Z9Z6_11446 dalton-ghetti-amazing-pencil-art-12_9n7I3_11446 dalton-ghetti-amazing-pencil-art-13_ZCPlT_11446 dalton-ghetti-amazing-pencil-art-14_iqCQh_11446

[via greendiary]


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