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Delicate. Delectable. I recently discovered some really lovely artworks. Singapore based artist Pei Li specializes in highly realistic and unique 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures. I was truly impressed when I saw her works that I got in touch with her thru email. I was curious on how she got started and found fondness in making them and was graciously answered. And I quote:

“As a young child, I have always been interested in crafts. It was not until in my adulthood that I found what I really love – making 1:12 scale miniatures. When I started attending some clay classes locally and overseas several years ago, it ignited my passion to seek and learn more, especially in making 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures. I have since been making and experimenting ways to create realistic miniature art pieces. I love desserts, flowers and you see that a lot of my miniatures are a reflection of what I love in real life.” ~ Pei Li

For more check out the Pei Li Miniatures website:


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