paper chandelier art installation

Spanish architect Cristina Parreño created the Paper Chandeliers project for this year’s International Art Fair ARCO Madrid.

In this installation, thousands of paper tubes were built up the ceiling in a wavy pattern. The tubes are lit from the inside, creating a uniquely luminous effect in apparent monochromatic theme which is the artist’s signature style.

papertubechandelierbyCristinaParreoAlonso1 papertubechandelierbyCristinaParreoAlonso2 papertubechandelierbyCristinaParreoAlonso3 papertubechandelierbyCristinaParreoAlonso4 papertubechandelierbyCristinaParreoAlonso5 papertubechandelierbyCristinaParreoAlonso6 papertubechandelierbyCristinaParreoAlonso7

Photos by Luis Asin

[via urdesign]


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