How far can you go to let the world know your level of sense of humor?

Well, you might as well take it from Oregon-based Twitter user Jaklyn Larsen (@iamjakz) who is a self-proclaimed Toilet Paper Funeral Director. Oh yes, you read that right. She is indeed a Toilet Paper Funeral Director.

Larsen has just started with her new-found calling a few days ago and it seems that she is pretty determined to pursue this career. Check out her hilarious works below:

However, someone’s not so happy with Larsen’s passion. Her son says she’s wasting time and embarrassing him by making videos of toilet paper funerals.

To help her decide whether or not she should continue with her work, Larsen posted an open question on Twitter. Fortunately, the people of the Twitter world are truly supportive of her and even voiced their undying encouragement for her! See some of their reactions below:

And Larsen seems to be excited and very much interested of how far her humor is traveling across the globe. Congrats Jaklyn!

More and more of Larsen is definitely what we need in this world to keep us up and running with good vibes and a lot of great great laugh!

You can see more of Jaklyn Larsen here, here and here.


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