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Architecture studio Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP designed the Optical Glass House located on the waterfront of Tokyo.

This renovation project has a total floor area of 330 square meters and was completed in 2012.

OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP1 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP2 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP3 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP4 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP5 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP6 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP7 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP8 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP9 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP10 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP11 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP12 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP13 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP14 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP15 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP16 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP17 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP18 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP19 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP20 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP21 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP22 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP23 OpticalGlassHousebyHiroshiNakamuraNAP24

Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP:

We attempted to represent the beauty of the riverside with the interior flooring; by setting pebbles in hardware resistant clear epoxy resin. By casting the resin using concrete casting technique, we’ve succeeded in overcoming problems such as cracks, unevenness and achieved an excellent clarity of the resin. The finished 15mm thick clear resin flooring resembled river surface. It was as if the river from the outside emerged into the entrance hall. Walking on water and sitting on a chair that floats on the river, the lounge became a weightless oasis where your sense of gravity became totally defeated.


Phots by Koji Fujii/Nacasa & Partners Inc.


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