A unique light show is happening in Tokyo called Odaiba Water Illumination. Taking shape by the use of water spray is a 15 by 40 meter wide screen where vivid images are projected much to the delight of its audience. Making the experience even more enjoyable is the accompanying music as the show goes on.

water display Odaiba_Water_Illumination_in_Tokyo_02 Odaiba_Water_Illumination_in_Tokyo_03 Odaiba_Water_Illumination_in_Tokyo_04 Odaiba_Water_Illumination_in_Tokyo_05 Odaiba_Water_Illumination_in_Tokyo_06 Odaiba_Water_Illumination_in_Tokyo_07 Odaiba_Water_Illumination_in_Tokyo_08  Odaiba_Water_Illumination_in_Tokyo_10

[via timuryn]


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