Be amazed with these sandcastles created by artist  Calvin Seibert who attempted to modify our all-time favorite pastime while hitting the beach. All I can say is that his works are great and they inspire me want to make one myself.

The artist says:

Time well spent I always have these ideas that I want to try but somehow in the attempt to get something done by the end of the day I turn towards my old standby solutions. I need to spend 6 weeks on the beach all at once. As it is I only get a day here and there and go whole years without building anything. If I could manage that I might get somewhere new.

Notyourusualgeometricsandcastles2 Notyourusualgeometricsandcastles3 Notyourusualgeometricsandcastles4 Notyourusualgeometricsandcastles5 Notyourusualgeometricsandcastles6 Notyourusualgeometricsandcastles7

[via colossal]


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