google office in london

In keeping with Google’s playful environment, Scott Brownrigg designed an enjoyable office for its London-based employees.

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Google Office in London by Scott Brownrigg:

Google’s new 3,716 sq m (40,000 sq ft) level three office at 123 Buckingham Palace Road accommodates over 300 staff and has been designed to create a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Using a local London-Brighton theme, brightly coloured timber beach huts provide meeting rooms and giant colourful dice accommodate individual video conference booths; original dodgem cars and traditional red telephone booths are all work spaces available to staff and visitors.  A fully fitted out gym/shower facility, massage and spa treatment centre, and an Asian Fusion/Sushi restaurant that is free for all staff has also been incorporated into the design to reflect Google’s approach to staff wellbeing.


Photos by Scott Brownrigg

[via toxel]


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