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Artist Fabian Oefner‘s aim is to present the unseen and poetic facets of our natural world and to invite us to stop for a moment and appreciate the magic that constantly surrounds us.

Showcased here is Fabian’s series called Nebulae. It’s not what you think it is. He says,

What might look like a giant nebula or a distant galaxy at first glance, is in reality the glowing ends of a fibre glass lamp. 

The images were created by taking long-time exposures of several fibre glass lamps (exactly, those ugly-looking lamps, that were extremely popular in the 90`s) moving around in a darkened room. Afterwards, severeal images were multiplied in photoshop to achieve the density of such a structure. 
What I personally like about this project is how you can create an illusionist space with such simple means, that are familiar to everybody. 
 FabianOefnerNebulaeSeries2 FabianOefnerNebulaeSeries3 FabianOefnerNebulaeSeries4 FabianOefnerNebulaeSeries5 FabianOefnerNebulaeSeries6
More of Fabian’s wonderful portfolio on his website.


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