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Imagine spending you day in this home. A former old centry farmhouse. You could still feel the traces of the times past yet feel warmly welcomed and at home. Still standing beautifully after all this years. It was not used for some time but got a new lease in life by its new owners.

After spending some time closed, this house has regained its rural charm, and begins anew after a beautiful renovation. This house, which is part of a fourteenth-century farmhouse, is situated within the old town of Madremanya in Girona. The owners renovated it into the charming Can Bassa. Originally, it had neither a bath, kitchen, just had some rooms on three floors. To preserve its rural appeal, rehabilitation was respectful of the original stone walls, although some were demolished to expand the dining and living area, and others are painted to enhance its beauty.

Noticeable theme is the rustic simplicity of the merger between furniture and upholstery tones and the brown with mud floor, walls and beams. This comprises a serene and evocative look in harmony with their environment. Really warm.

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The transformation is certainly very special because the stone walls, wooden ceiling and beams, were purposely maintained. An old farmhouse truly transformed into a warm and cozy mountain refuge.

Visit the Can Bassa website.


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