BrainstormOverload, a creative services firm that specializes in strategy and creative consultation for traditional and interactive media, is currently participating in Big Table Studio’s ‘For the Love of Letters’ poster show which runs from September 7-30, 2012. Its project features a modified optometry exam especially made for typographers. Personally, I would absolutely would like to have one and find out if I can pass the test and see if my fondness of memorizing different font styles would pay off.

ModifiedOptometryExamForTypographers2 ModifiedOptometryExamForTypographers3 ModifiedOptometryExamForTypographers4

The firm says:

Our design is a play on the iconic optometry (eye exam) chart but the test here is to see with the eyes of a typographer. There are 45 different fonts represented and all there is to go on are the capital “A” and lower case “a” for each. Perfect for lovers of type. Give one to your favorite type nerd and see how they do before you let them know the answers are on the back.




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