planter design

Japan-based studio Metaphys designed this planter series called ienami. It was inspired by minimalist style miniature buildings with roof gardens. Alley, Plaza, Tunnel and Zig Zag are the four designs included in the entire collection. Combination of several planters form a little neighborhood.

“Ienami extracts one essence from the foliage watching culture of ancient Japan called “Bonkei”. By placing plants and flowers into the planter, a house complete with its own garden is created. When combined with multiple planters, a scenic miniature town is developed. Enjoy watching the plants grow in the cubic 10cm miniture house.”

MetaphysPlantersResembleMiniatureSustainableBuildings3 MetaphysPlantersResembleMiniatureSustainableBuildings4 MetaphysPlantersResembleMiniatureSustainableBuildings5 MetaphysPlantersResembleMiniatureSustainableBuildings6

More info at Metaphys website.

[via beautifullife]


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