For two years, London-based artist Christ Chamberlain patiently worked on an intricate map of the world. The project called Jewel of the Universe is truly a labor of love, the proceeds of the sale (now being sold at £250,000 or $380,000 on Ebay) will go to humanitarian projects of Sierra Leone in West Africa.

“The artwork measures 3.18m x 2.18m. A large-scale, unique and intricate portrait of our Earth – a planet which is surely a jewel of the universe – innovatively created from 330,000 hand-cut pieces of stained glass, 1238 jewels totalling 260 carats, and over 6900 LEDs.”

mapmosaic1a mapmosaicjeweloftheuniverse4 mapmosaicjeweloftheuniverse3 mapmosaicjeweloftheuniverse2 mapmosaicjeweloftheuniverse1 map mosaic

Jewel of the Universe website.

[via odditycentral]


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