man-made rainbows

Artist Michael Jones McKean recreated magical rainbows using re-purposed rainwater which was displayed at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s fascinating as it is beautiful isn’t it? Would love to see this in person next time it’s on display.

Excerpts about the project from Michael Jones McKean website:

The Rainbow: Certain Principles of Light and Shapes Between Forms. The project creates a simple, but phenomenal visual event — a rainbow in the sky.

Whether a majestic arch in the sky that appears after a short spring shower or a small, homespun rainbow created with a garden hose on a sunny day, a rainbow operates as an egalitarian visual experience. It is by nature temporary, undetermined, and wonderful. The Rainbow exists somewhere between real and representation, actual and artifice.

Although the symbol of a rainbow has been co-opted, politicized, branded and commodified, an actual prismatic rainbow still has an ability to jolt us from the everyday. It feels hopeful, yearning, optimistic, ghost-like and meaningful. Whether perceived immediately as an artwork or not, the experience holds the power to connect diverse publics through an intangible, shared encounter.

manmaderainbowsbyMichaelJonesMcKean2 manmaderainbowsbyMichaelJonesMcKean3 manmaderainbowsbyMichaelJonesMcKean4 manmaderainbowsbyMichaelJonesMcKean5

[via aestheticsofjoy]


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