Uh-oh, looks like there’s something strange in the neighborhood, and who you gonna call? Nah, not the ghosbusters. Why not give a warm applause for Hungarian astrophotographer Iván Éder? Yes, he’s the one responsible for this magnificent picture that he shot back in 2004. That big one on the left is the moon, while the little one on the right is the planet Venus. Isn’t it fantastic? But how did he actually do it? He simply (sounds so simple, eh?) captured these photos using a telescope, while the moon and Venus are close to one another in the sky. I have learned that during daylight, these two are both bright enough to be viewed by people on the ground. Amazing!

MagicalViewoftheMoonandPlanetVenusinOneShot2 MagicalViewoftheMoonandPlanetVenusinOneShot3 MagicalViewoftheMoonandPlanetVenusinOneShot4

[via petapixel]


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