origami art

Part of the Japanese culture is the ‘Legend of the One Thousand Cranes’ where it’s said that for a wish to be granted, one must fold 1000 pieces of paper cranes. During a visit in Japan Mademoiselle Maurice, found out about a survivor of the Hiroshima Bomb, Sadako Sasaki, who started doing a thousand cranes but passed away before he could finish it. Since then, children from all over Japan send paper cranes to Hiroshima as a tribute to Sasaki. Inspired by this, French artist Mademoiselle Maurice started urban origami installations. An ongoing eye-catching art composed of hundreds of origami in vivid colors, forming different shapes now seen on the streets of Vietnam.

An artistic work that has a very strong message,

tribute to all the victims of the violent actions  in our world. the message is hard, but speaking about in a dark manner wasn’t necessary for me‘.

mademoisellemauriceurbanorigamiartinstallation1 mademoisellemauriceurbanorigamiartinstallation2 mademoisellemauriceurbanorigamiartinstallation3 mademoisellemauriceurbanorigamiartinstallation4 mademoisellemauriceurbanorigamiartinstallation6 mademoisellemauriceurbanorigamiartinstallation8 mademoisellemauriceurbanorigamiartinstallation9

[via designboom]


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