Felt dizzy the first time you saw that picture above? Me too. Ha-ha! But to make people dizzy wasn’t the intention of the man behind this project. He is Michael Rohde, a German artist, who entitled his work series as From Below. I think he wants to let observers see things in a different perspective just like what his fellow German artist Menno Aden did. Do you remember my previous post Looking Down from the Ceiling? Yes, Aden’s view from the ceiling was aptly complemented by Rohde’s view from the floor. I guess we should try to get used to views from these two perspectives since we have always been accustomed with looking at things from the four corners of an area, right?

lookingupfromthefloor2 lookingupfromthefloor3 lookingupfromthefloor4 lookingupfromthefloor5 lookingupfromthefloor6 lookingupfromthefloor7

[via ignant]


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