Quite literally.. If you are afraid of heights, this might not be for you. But exchange that with fresh air, endless blue hues of the ocean, beautiful sunrise, and golden sunsets would you change your mind?

This home in Buchupureo, VIII Region, Chile, sits contently on the edge of a cliff. It’s not what you would call a luxury home, but its modest design and simplicity adds to the charm. Well it doesn’t really matter how it looks like. What with all those breathtaking views from all sides of the house? Who would notice? Evenso,  it’s still a beautiful home.
This fits perfectly as a sanctuary, far from the madding crowd.

House-above-water-582x387beautiful-view-from-the-bedroom-582x387 bedroom-in-wood-582x873 house designevening-patio-scene-582x873   interiors-house-on-a-cliff-582x387 Roof-as-seen-from-above-582x387 scenic-view-across-the-table-582x873 stone-slabs-roof-582x873 water-seen-through-the-house-582x873

[via home-designing]


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