Ever stared onto a random thing and make out a scene while at it? These street art is a good example. Take those shoes and a soda cap pictured above, add miniature figures and it’s like a lochness monster in a lake. Imagination takes you far while standing still.

street art little_people_on_the_street2 little_people_on_the_street3 little_people_on_the_street4 little_people_on_the_street5 little_people_on_the_street6 little_people_on_the_street7 little_people_on_the_street8 little_people_on_the_street9 little_people_on_the_street10 little_people_on_the_street11 little_people_on_the_street12 little_people_on_the_street13 little_people_on_the_street14

[via street art utopia]


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