LEGO interior design

Adding color to Qubic Tax’s monochromatic office is this fun installation of 1,200 pieces of LEGO minifigs. Design firm Acrylicize conceptualized and executed the project. The main theme was ‘tax’ so that each LEGO minifig represent individual tax payers in different fields, symbolizing the fact that everyone pays taxes. OfficeWallDecorateWith1200PiecesofLEGOMinifigs2 OfficeWallDecorateWith1200PiecesofLEGOMinifigs3 OfficeWallDecorateWith1200PiecesofLEGOMinifigs4 OfficeWallDecorateWith1200PiecesofLEGOMinifigs5 OfficeWallDecorateWith1200PiecesofLEGOMinifigs6 OfficeWallDecorateWith1200PiecesofLEGOMinifigs7

[via hiconsumption]


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