Korean house

I must say that I once was hit by the so-called Korean Wave in our country. There’s just something with their culture that continues to amaze me. Koreans have this remarkable ability to keep up with global modernization, and still be able to preserve their age-old traditions.

A perfect example of what I’m trying to say is this Korean home located in Southern Korea. Its owner, Hongnam Kim is an art historian and a professor at Ewha Womans University.

Hongnam Kim wanted to design a house in the form of Hanok, the traditional wooden structure dating back to the Joseon dynasty in 1392. Here is the result. Korean house is divided into two parts, an anchae (owner’s residence) and a sarangchae (a guesthouse).

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Also, I have observed that modern houses in South Korea have two unique (though they may not be unique at all for others) features: (1) The motion sensor porch light which turns on and off automatically if a person steps onto the porch to change their footwear as they leave/enter the house; and,  (2) The doorbell with video intercom which allows you to view the person ringing the doorbell outside your home and automatically opens up the door for that person with just one click of a button.

Pretty amazing, right?


[Images via housevaganza.com]


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