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Japanese architect Hiroshi Nakamura designed House SH located in Tokyo.

Completed in 2005, this contemporary intimate home has a total floor area of 86.97 square meters.

The design concept according to Hiroshima is,” Intimacy; I want to create intimacy between architecture and people. The hollow embraces; softy and gently, like a kangaroo’s pouch. It embraces the light from the top and glows in the early morning, in the midst of the day. This is the ‘intimacy’ I hope to create between architecture and people.”

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House SH by Hiroshi Nakamura:

House SH is a small house located in dense urban areas of Tokyo. Take the first road to the parking lot, I planned a building site in full.

The biggest problem was that due to road surface contact only in the north, can not lead to direct sunlight into the room from there. Moreover, it is difficult to side-by-side windows of the apartment, on the issue of privacy, provided with an opening on the side of the road just across the road. As a result of these considerations, the outer wall of the side of the road does not provide a window, was adopted (well of light) type of lighting system with top light Lightwell. And I made a dent can be pushed out towards the sky from the interior side of the parking lot, the road side wall with no windows, people sitting or relaxing. Was observed when finely to form a dent this, people relax, “sit”, “lie”, called “lean”, the various acts.

Based on the data, I decided to form a gradient that changes in height and depth. Depth has a depth of up to 60% where the contour satisfies the statutory building coverage. Dent completed is in the form that wraps around the act of any person, the child, now what adults can discover actively place that fits the behavior shapes and their if deeper if shallow. by a person actively involved in the building, between the building and the people, intimate relationship has never been born. In fact, every day, or run down as the half-pipe snowboarding recess, resident girls are playing with the slide.

Finely observed “behavior” is performed repeatedly in life, we built it into. Clue to the “behavior” was filling, more than we expected, residents, act in various ways to the space thereby. behavior that is applied to the construction, architecture is applied to the behavior, relationships, and it is born alive.

Deliver wall light (recessed) should clear the difficult site conditions it is not possible to increase the window wall, adopted the Lightwell. I designed so that the light from the top light to reach the ground. In particular, living a little less than 30 square meters, so we wanted to in the space filled with bright light, felt widely, inflated until the last minute limit law of building coverage the walls of the living room, he made a curved wall inside. There, the light is reflected light that falls from the top, I was designed to reach the back of the room softly. And the trajectory of the movement of people, the relationship between the volume observed as a three-dimensional volume of human movements daily. Is usually for a three-dimensional space using a technique called “motion capture” used in the film, such as CG, “behavior” mundane occupy. Set the space along the repetitive motion of these, with a certain amount of leeway. That way, I should become familiar with the body’s natural space. This is in contrast to the method of universal space that advocates freedom. Not obtained any clues, there is only space in the box is simply a human behavior is not inspired.

Nevertheless, in a space lined with movable partitions and furniture that are determined based on the usage ergonomics, the action would be immobilized designers as expected. In contrast to these, full of clues of behavior, this building, body fit enough to use. Building and human relations will be even more closely, where the behavior you do not use and meaning, but also a variety of forecast will be born.


Photos by Naoki Honjo


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