green and white interiors

The Shakin Stevens House located in Melbourne, Australia was designed by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design. The choice for the white interior was influenced by the client’s request, whereas, the color green became the featured highlight color due to its nearness to the garden. And the results were fantastic! The aura of the whole home is full of positive vibes owing to the light feeling brought about by the combination of these two colors.

InterestingGreenandWhiteThemedHome2 InterestingGreenandWhiteThemedHome3 InterestingGreenandWhiteThemedHome4 InterestingGreenandWhiteThemedHome5 InterestingGreenandWhiteThemedHome6 InterestingGreenandWhiteThemedHome7 InterestingGreenandWhiteThemedHome8 InterestingGreenandWhiteThemedHome9 InterestingGreenandWhiteThemedHome10 InterestingGreenandWhiteThemedHome11

[via contemporist]


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