Russian artist Stanislav Aristov offers something different with his “Спички” (“matchsticks” in Russian) series wherein he was able to bring out the best in a simple matchstick. As the matchstick burns, Aristov bends it according to his desired shape. He then captures the fire and the smoke around it with a macro lens and a studio flash. And as for the finishing touches and polishing, he makes use of Photoshop. ♥

IngeniousBurntMatchstickArtbyStanislavAristov2 IngeniousBurntMatchstickArtbyStanislavAristov3 IngeniousBurntMatchstickArtbyStanislavAristov4 IngeniousBurntMatchstickArtbyStanislavAristov5 IngeniousBurntMatchstickArtbyStanislavAristov6 IngeniousBurntMatchstickArtbyStanislavAristov7 IngeniousBurntMatchstickArtbyStanislavAristov8


[via boredpanda]


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