Clark Gallery brings together three artists – Toshihiko Shibuy, Midor Kambara and Leo Fujisawwa to design three rooms in Ice Hills Hotel located in Hoakkaido Japan.

The challenge is to design three unique rooms while maintaining the predominantly white theme of the hotel.


View outside the Ice Hotel.

3-white-garden 4-white-garden

“White Garden Room” designed by Midori Kambara. The room is sculpted with huge flowers and leaves around its walls.

5-ice-palette 6-ice-palette

“Ice Palette Room” designed by Toshihiko Shibuya. To break the monotony of color in this room, Shibuya used colored films integrated in the block of ice. A beautiful set of pastel palette is created when natural light hits this wall of ice.

7-ice-step 8-ice-step

“Ice Step Room” designed by Leo Fujisawa. Fujisawa added a partition made of ice to add privacy in this room where guests ‘climb’ a few ice steps to sleep in the elevated bed.

9-ice-hotel-bar 10-ice-hotel-bar

To complete the cool experience inside the Ice Hotel, it also comes with its own bar with bar counters and stools made of ice.


[photos by hiroki onishi via spoon-tamago]


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