Take a peek inside the miniature world of Albanian self-taught photographer Adrian Limani. This young artist makes it look like that his images are actually inside a light bulb, similar to those well-known small-scale ships in bottles. Interestingly, Limani has a brilliant future ahead of him considering that at his young age, he was selected to be part of the international catalog “Top 200 Best Digital Artists 2012/2013”, which included the best artists to manipulate the files from all over the world.

The artist says:

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… Everyone has a photographic memory, some just don’t have the film… 

ImpressiveMiniatureWorldInsideLightBulbsbyAdrianLimani2 ImpressiveMiniatureWorldInsideLightBulbsbyAdrianLimani3 ImpressiveMiniatureWorldInsideLightBulbsbyAdrianLimani4 ImpressiveMiniatureWorldInsideLightBulbsbyAdrianLimani5 ImpressiveMiniatureWorldInsideLightBulbsbyAdrianLimani6 ImpressiveMiniatureWorldInsideLightBulbsbyAdrianLimani7 ImpressiveMiniatureWorldInsideLightBulbsbyAdrianLimani8 ImpressiveMiniatureWorldInsideLightBulbsbyAdrianLimani9 ImpressiveMiniatureWorldInsideLightBulbsbyAdrianLimani10 ImpressiveMiniatureWorldInsideLightBulbsbyAdrianLimani11 ImpressiveMiniatureWorldInsideLightBulbsbyAdrianLimani12


[via thewondrous]


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