Who ever said that shredded paper would still be as useful as these ones are? Apparently, someone said yes and that is Florence-based Belgian designer Jens Praet who came up with his collection of Shredded Magazine Furniture. Kilos of glossy leftover magazines where shredded, met with resin, molded, and allowed to harden, that eventually resulted to furniture as firm as those made of wood. The series was developed in collaboration with the publication Elle Decor and all the pieces were manufactured by Dutch company wandschappen for studio jens praet.

ImpressiveFurnituresmadefromShreddedMagazines2 ImpressiveFurnituresmadefromShreddedMagazines3 ImpressiveFurnituresmadefromShreddedMagazines4 ImpressiveFurnituresmadefromShreddedMagazines5 ImpressiveFurnituresmadefromShreddedMagazines6 ImpressiveFurnituresmadefromShreddedMagazines7 ImpressiveFurnituresmadefromShreddedMagazines8 ImpressiveFurnituresmadefromShreddedMagazines9

[via designboom]


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