Black and white photos are absolutely nostalgic, especially those that depict the annals of history. But wouldn’t it be also lovely to view some of history’s iconic photos with a tinge of color? Check them after the jump!

IconicPhotosComplementedwithaTingeofColor2 IconicPhotosComplementedwithaTingeofColor3 IconicPhotosComplementedwithaTingeofColor4 IconicPhotosComplementedwithaTingeofColor5 IconicPhotosComplementedwithaTingeofColor6 IconicPhotosComplementedwithaTingeofColor7 IconicPhotosComplementedwithaTingeofColor8i

All these photos were done by Sweden-based artist Sanna Dullaway. She has recently started a business in restoring and colorizing old black & white photographs. Check out her gallery at Deviant Art or head over to her website Past in Color.


[via rsvlts]


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