minimalist house renovation

Airhouse Design Office designed the renovation of an existing warehouse to a private housing in Yoro-gun, Gifu, Japan.

This steel framed structure has a total floor are of 131.58 square meters and was completed in 2012.

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Home in Yoro-gun by Airhouse Design Office

“Take advantage of the characteristics of the existing” it is a house where the warehouse was renovated farm tools in Yoro-gun, Gifu Prefecture.

By contrast with the rough and new ones made ​​of the existing warehouse, I was aiming to increase the space, such as the goodness of each other with each other. Alleviated by inserting a large kitchen and a loft as he wildly warehouse, and are space-like abandon the hobby and enjoy time with his family in a large space of unique steel frame. Technique called “renovation.” I think how to make effective use of the built old buildings, do not overdo it and also in future budget may increase more we have. I plan to be considered such a model of “how to make”.


Photos by Toshiyuki Yano | Text by Airhouse Design Office


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