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Daly Genik Architects designed the Palms House, a renovation of an existing stucco structure into a contemporary home in Venice, California.

The project is divided into two major spaces, a main house and a guest house. Both structures were enveloped with metal panels to cool its interiors and provide privacy.

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Description by Daly Genik Architects:

A young couple, who both work in television, found a house and detached structure in the Palms/ Venice area that, with some revisioning, can accommodate both themselves and in-laws who visit frequently from the East Coast. On a standard lot in Venice they discovered a main house, courtyard, and street-facing garage with a studio unit above. Both structures were disheartening stucco boxes, but the site had a nice flow that was both secluded and serene and allowed the in-laws an autonomous living zone. By creating a new envelope for each structure and renovating the interiors, the basic structures are transformed to for a shared public courtyard and increase the levels of privacy in each unit.

The back house increses in size from 1,700 square feet to 2,300 square feet via an addition to the courtyard side. The studio completely transformed on the interior and has a partner additiona that loos to the house. Both the back house and rear garage/ studio are clad in a perforated metal envelope that wraps, stretches, and reaches out across the central courtyard.

These wrapped metal panels serve several unctions. Primarily they are sun shades that provide privacy and filtered natural light into the master bedroom and living/ dining areas of the house and the main living space of the studio. They also create the support structure for balconies that extend from each unit into the courtyard space and allow family members to see each other across the property. In the evening these garden lanterns float in the lush courtyard.

Both buildings will be passively cooled in the summertime by the metal screens, significant landscaping, and operable windows providing ventilation throughout. All domestic hot water, including radiant heating in the floors, will be heated by solar collectors on the roof of the house.
The studio has become a pied-a-terre that is intimate in scale and ideal for the in-laws who are often in Los Angeles for business. They can drop in without disturbing the routine of the younger couple.


Photos by Benny Chan/Fotoworks, Jason Schmidt


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