Stairways used to be just a set of steps. Now designers have made it a feature in itself serving different uses. Which is exactly what you see in this home in Megurohoncho. TORAFU ARCHITECTS‘s first priority was the exterior and to design the second and third level of this structure as living quarters. Then converting the ground and basement level into a commercial space. A minimalistic home design located in Meguro, Tokyo, .

contemporary house designHouseinMegurohonchoTORAFUARCHITECTS1 HouseinMegurohonchoTORAFUARCHITECTS2 HouseinMegurohonchoTORAFUARCHITECTS3 HouseinMegurohonchoTORAFUARCHITECTS4  HouseinMegurohonchoTORAFUARCHITECTS6 HouseinMegurohonchoTORAFUARCHITECTS7 HouseinMegurohonchoTORAFUARCHITECTS8 HouseinMegurohonchoTORAFUARCHITECTS9 HouseinMegurohonchoTORAFUARCHITECTS10 HouseinMegurohonchoTORAFUARCHITECTSexterior HouseinMegurohonchoTORAFUARCHITECTSsection

Photographs by Daici Ano via Archdaily


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