123DV have designed Cool Blue Villa located in Marbella, Spain.

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Like the water of the sea

Being surrounded by water. A stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea. The residents of this villa enjoy a maximum holiday experience in their holiday villa. In the long-term they could even transform their holiday home into a place to settle down and grow old happily ever after.

To guarantee a certain level of privacy for the owners, the street side facade looks rather aloof. After opening the door in the wall, the visitor would expect a continuation of the defensive atmosphere, but the effect of inversion is astonishing. From that moment on it surprises you everytime. After the first surprising element – the stepping stones in the water – you enter complete spatial openness. A transparent look is created by applying glass and long sight lines. The water and its reflection in different locations enhance this effect.

The initial dream of the owner was having a plot by the sea. The translation of the dream lead to a design concept of water. A block of water with glass walls – the corners are transparent: no steel construction is applied – is located in the heart of the villa. Next to this swimming pool a channel of water flows along the entire living area – downstairs, as well as upstairs. From the glass staircase you can catch a glimpse of the sea from different viewpoints. The use of stepping stones is repeated on the top floor, where a playful transition of inside/outside is created. On the roof you can experience maximum freedom: using the outside shower while gazing at the sea.

Smooth, hygienic materials with a cool, clean look and feel are combined with warm, organic materials, like wood and natural stone. For warmth, comfort and entertainment there’s a large tailor made cooking island made out of solid Corian, a fireplace, a leather seat that can be transformed into a home cinema system. All technical devices can be operated by smartphones or tablets. Even the lights in the facade, that shine through vertical slits – adding a warm welcoming feeling to the atmosphere surrounding the villa in the evening.

Cool Blue Villa is a family villa for life, surrounded by luxury and water.

Cool Blue Villa impression on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSRkNkkfwak
Design: 123DV Modern Villas
Project architects: Jasper Polak & Silke Roerig
Description: holiday villa surrounded by water, near the beach
Location: Marbella, Spain
Status: completed in 2015
Surroundings: suburban
Surface: 620 m2 floor surface, 1 hectare land
Floors: 3
Living areas: living room with kitchen, 6 bedrooms, home cinema, wine cellar, gym including sauna, roof terrace, swimming pool
Material: white stucco, white Kreon artificial stone facade, grey tiling, dark grey window-frames
Special: infinity/overflow swimming pool, personal water wells, water channel surrounding the living area, sun panels, Creston domotica, Basalte switches, fireplace, home cinema seat, monolithic Hi-macs cooking island, laundry shaft
Photography: Carlos Caceres Lavergne – http://www.madisonestudio.com



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