origami interior design

Origami has in-explainable calming effect doesn’t it? Especially when grouped together in several of colors.

Take for example this installation for Saturday in Design event by collaborating teamElixr and Dream Interiors for the white furniture showroom of Dream Interior and Kiki K’s storage boxes. The floating origami on the ceiling,and the colorful dots on the floor is all kinds of wonderful.

HeavenlyOrigamiInstallationbyElixrandDreamInteriors2 HeavenlyOrigamiInstallationbyElixrandDreamInteriors3 HeavenlyOrigamiInstallationbyElixrandDreamInteriors4 HeavenlyOrigamiInstallationbyElixrandDreamInteriors5 HeavenlyOrigamiInstallationbyElixrandDreamInteriors6 HeavenlyOrigamiInstallationbyElixrandDreamInteriors7

[via plentyofcolour]


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