Brazilian artist Guilherme Kramer entitled his masterpiece We See People In The Crowd inspired by those people he actually met in the crowd. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Brazil so my face would clearly be out of the picture. Lucky those who were included on that wall for they were given due recognition by this amazing man. Hey Guilherme, will you come over here to our place so next time I would be able to identify my face on your wall art? Just kidding. Just hoping. Maybe someday, huh? Yes!

guilhermekramerownversionofacrowd2 guilhermekramerownversionofacrowd3 guilhermekramerownversionofacrowd4 guilhermekramerownversionofacrowd5 guilhermekramerownversionofacrowd6 guilhermekramerownversionofacrowd7 guilhermekramerownversionofacrowd8 guilhermekramerownversionofacrowd9 guilhermekramerownversionofacrowd10



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