Artists never really run out of ideas and now even a simple coffee stirrer can be considered as another medium for art. Well, I guess anything is truly possible with a creative mind like that North Carolina-based Jonathan Brilliant who thought of using stirrers to construct spatial arts. The most famous of which is the 2007 project, The Sumter Piece wherein 60,000 woven stirrers were used to create a huge sculpture that spanned two floors. It took 14 days for the artwork to be completed and 6 months for the whole piece to be separated. Amazing, isn’t it?

GorgeousWovenInstallationmadeof60000CoffeeStirrers2 GorgeousWovenInstallationmadeof60000CoffeeStirrers3 GorgeousWovenInstallationmadeof60000CoffeeStirrers4 GorgeousWovenInstallationmadeof60000CoffeeStirrers5 GorgeousWovenInstallationmadeof60000CoffeeStirrers6 GorgeousWovenInstallationmadeof60000CoffeeStirrers8

[via creativegreed]


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