We may have been used to seeing artworks drawn on white paper. But how about using a black canvass?

London-based artist Zulf is introducing a new way of making art by drawing realistic illustrations on black paper. The artist makes use of light-colored pastels and charcoals to create portraits of women as if they are half-hidden in the shadows. Check out some of Zulf’s artworks below:


zulf-charcoal-and-pastel-art-1 zulf-charcoal-and-pastel-art-2 zulf-charcoal-and-pastel-art-3 zulf-charcoal-and-pastel-art-4 zulf-charcoal-and-pastel-art-5 zulf-charcoal-and-pastel-art-6 zulf-charcoal-and-pastel-art-7 zulf-charcoal-and-pastel-art-8 zulf-charcoal-and-pastel-art-9


You may also want to check out more of Zulf’s artworks here.


[via My Modern Met]


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