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Paris based studio Hondelatte Laporte Architectes designed the zero energy project Giraffe’s Crib.

This 1450 square meter day nursery crib was completed in 2012.

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Giraffe’s crib by Hondelatte Laporte Architectes:

Giraffe’s crib is located at the foot of the “non-tour” designed by Jean Nouvel, in the words of the “triangle” between the Quartier du Vieux Pont de Sèvres neighborhood slab made ​​in the 70s, and the new Keystone neighborhood. The whole area offers a hilly skyline. 
To integrate this remarkable urban overall consistency, the project consists of three tiered layers, morphology is the articulation of all neighborhood characteristics: stacking and moving ramp. 
This public facility expresses the world of childhood. The idea is to create an event that leads the public space using childish imagination: invest wildlife places. A giraffe is a leader and has quietly graze the tree layer within reach while polar bear cub trying to climb to the upper terrace from the south and a procession through the garden ladybug.


Photos by Philippe Ruault, Hondelatte Laporte Architectes


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