The other day I featured poetry created from titles of books stacked together. Now, here is another fun way of connecting the dots, ehem, what I mean is, connecting the words. Ogilvy & Mathe was commissioned by Expedia to come up with a unique print campaign. The agency thought of using International Air Transport Association (IATA) codes to form clever travel-related phrases. With over 9,000 three-letter IATA codes around the world, it must have been really exhausting and equally challenging for the creative team to come up with such great results.

IngeniouslyThoughtPrintCampaignUsingAirportIATACodes2 IngeniouslyThoughtPrintCampaignUsingAirportIATACodes3 IngeniouslyThoughtPrintCampaignUsingAirportIATACodes4 IngeniouslyThoughtPrintCampaignUsingAirportIATACodes5 IngeniouslyThoughtPrintCampaignUsingAirportIATACodes6

[via plentyofcolour]


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