This would be my first time to actually come across with a drawing as big as this one since what I would usually see are enormous paintings. Michigan-based artist Chris LaPorte dubbed his work as City Band which was inspired by an 80-year-old photograph of his grandfather’s high school marching band. The drawing is actually 13 x 26 feet drawn with over 100 2H pencils and it took the artist an estimated 1,200 hours to finish. What’s more admiring of LaPorte is that he was able to draw with much detail though the photograph was somewhat blurry and damaged with age.

GargantuanIllustrationDrawnwithover100Pencilsandover1200HoursDrawingTime2 GargantuanIllustrationDrawnwithover100Pencilsandover1200HoursDrawingTime3 GargantuanIllustrationDrawnwithover100Pencilsandover1200HoursDrawingTime4 GargantuanIllustrationDrawnwithover100Pencilsandover1200HoursDrawingTime5 GargantuanIllustrationDrawnwithover100Pencilsandover1200HoursDrawingTime6 GargantuanIllustrationDrawnwithover100Pencilsandover1200HoursDrawingTime7

[via colossal]


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