Sydney based Chenchow Little Architects designed the transformation of this home. Two things about this home. First, something expected, this home is filled with light. Second, something unexpected, its exterior design. It’s largely contrasting the design interior.

skylight_house_3 skylight_house_4 skylight_house_6 skylight_house_7 skylight_house_8house design

Project description from the Architects:
The Skylight House inverts a traditional Victorian terrace house. The living rooms are relocated to the top floor where there is better access to views and sunlight, and the secondary bedrooms are placed on the ground floor. The design is imagined as two fluid horizontal planes that have been inserted within the traditional envelope; one folding to form a ground plane that mediates the natural ground levels along the site; and a second along the ceiling line which fragments and undulates to permit sunlight into the length of the building. The ground plane has been cut around a central courtyard containing an endemic Banksia Integrifolia which, along with the sculptural southern facing skylight, brings light into the living, kitchen and dining spaces. These two planes act as spatial dividers as well as create a light filled, open fluid space unfamiliar in a traditional terrace house. 

Photosy John Gollings & Katherine Lu via design revolution australia


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