floating house design

New York based studio MOS Architects designed the Floating House located in an island on Lake Huron, in Ontario, Canada.

Specifically planned to adapt to Lake Huron’s drastic water level changes the house floats atop a structure of steel pontoons, allowing it to fluctuate along with the lake. Completed in 2005.

FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects2 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects3 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects4 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects5 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects6 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects7 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects8 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects9 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects10 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects11 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects13 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects14 FloatingHousebyMOSArchitects15

Photos by Florian Holzherr, MOS Architects


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