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This floating concept has been around for a while and was realized in the City Sport Harbour. It’s on water but this luxurious houseboat is firmly anchored. Currently used to hold meetings, workshops and receptions plus you get a fantastic view of the city all around!

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This 225 m² floating homes are linked to each other by floating jetties. The basic structure of the individual floating homes consists of a steel skeleton construction with planking on both sides. The wall and ceiling constructions are vapour-permeable. The outer shell is made either of glass-fibre reinforced plastic as used in yacht building or aluminium sheeting with a seawater-resistant coating. The dimensions of the openings in the facade can be determined by the future user. This means that the post-beam construction is fitted with either lucent, translucent or opaque panels. Low-e glass with integrated sun slats is used for glazing. A reinforced concrete pontoon system as used in marina construction forms the floating house.The floor plans can be altered and extended flexibly, making a wide range of utilisation variants possible.

The variable floor plan and a prefabricated modular deesign allow a maximum flexibility, adaptation to changing life phases and the export of the floating homes all over the world.


[via floatinghomes]


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